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IRC Log for Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

  1. [03:37:07] * BlueBox is now known as BlueBox|off
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  3. [14:19:39] * BlueBox is now known as BlueBox|off
  4. [23:51:15] * wpnxm-bot (~wpnxm-bot@ has joined #clansuite
  5. [23:51:15] <wpnxm-bot> [server-control-panel] jakoch pushed 3 new commits to master:
  6. [23:51:15] <wpnxm-bot> server-control-panel/master 3bc61b7 jakoch: some more work done on the cli, trying to add cli colors (wip)
  7. [23:51:15] <wpnxm-bot> server-control-panel/master 01b2120 jakoch: moved daemonautostart from tray to mainwindow, keep the tray minimal, fixed some start and stop problems and signal emitting
  8. [23:51:17] <wpnxm-bot> server-control-panel/master abfe852 jakoch: console is need for cli
  9. [23:51:19] * wpnxm-bot (~wpnxm-bot@ has left #clansuite

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