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Internet Relay Chat - Logs for #koch
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IRC Log for Samstag, 02. August 2014

  1. [19:26:39] * wpnxm-bot (~wpnxm-bot@ has joined #clansuite
  2. [19:26:39] <wpnxm-bot> [webinterface] jakoch pushed 2 new commits to develop:
  3. [19:26:39] <wpnxm-bot> webinterface/develop db184ac jakoch: fixed too wide "form-group" divs in PHP Extensions config page...
  4. [19:26:39] <wpnxm-bot> webinterface/develop b978bbb jakoch: Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
  5. [19:26:41] * wpnxm-bot (~wpnxm-bot@ has left #clansuite

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